Audi lunar quattro Moon rover stars in Alien: Covenant

Audi lunar quattro makes movie debut


The Audi lunar quattro lunar rover will be mingling with the stars on the red carpet to celebrate the world premiere of Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi blockbuster Alien: Covenant in London on May 4th. In its big-screen debut, the Audi lunar quattro can be spotted by cinema goers when Alien: Covenant goes on general release on 12th May in the UK, and 18th May in German cinemas.


PTScientists partnered with experts from automotive manufacturer Audi to develop the Moon rover. Far from being a Hollywood prop, the Audi lunar quattro is real space technology that will be launching to the Moon.


Director Ridley Scott integrated the Audi lunar quattro into Alien: Covenant, the latest outing of the Alien anthology. The film sees the crew of the colony ship Covenant on their way to a distant planet. Once there, the crew discover what appears to be an untouched paradise, but in reality it is a gloomy, dangerous world that harbour unimaginable threats.

An Alien encounter

In its film debut, the Audi lunar quattro is part of the Covenant mission and supports the character Faris (Amy Seimetz),in navigating and testing the unknown terrain of the planet.


The integration of the Audi lunar quattro into the film is part of a cooperation between production company Twentieth Century Fox, and Audi. “The ‘Alien’ franchise is the perfect way to show the Audi-developed Moon rover in a film scene and show Audi Future technologies in a visionary environment” says Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communications at Audi.


From science fiction to science fact

“The cooperation between Fox and Audi in the film, Alien: Covenant is a good opportunity, to highlight the innovative research work of Audi” comments Zachary Eller, Senior Vice President Marketing Partnership of Twentieth Century Fox. “We are happy with our long-term partnership with Audi. It allows our filmmakers access to real, leading-edge technologies to incorporate into their futuristic backdrops.”


As part of the cooperation, Twentieth Century Fox teamed up with the agency 3AM and Audi and produced a short film on one of the biggest sets of the film. It shows the Audi lunar quattro on a mission in the Covenant’s freighter, where it detects an unknown lifeform lurking in the dark. The short film: “Alien: Covenant  x  Audi lunar quattro” is available on YouTube.


Mission to the Moon

The Audi lunar quattro is also preparing for a real mission to the Moon. The Ingolstadt-based premium manufacturer has been working with the new-space company, PTScientists, founded by Robert Boehme. Audi experts are supported the Berlin start-up in with all-wheel drive competence (quattro-technology), light engineering know-how, experience in the development of vehicles with electric plug-in hybrid drives (e-tron) and design optimisation.


This means that the PTScientists have been able to reduce the weight of the exploration vehicle thanks to the optimum selection of materials and the latest in additive manufacturing equipment. Weighing in at just 30 kg, 85% of the Audi lunar quattro is made from aluminium components that are produced in Audi’s metal-3D printing equipment in Ingolstadt. A movable solar panel provides power to the rover and combine intelligent quattro drive technology with a powerful e-tron engine.


It won’t be long now until the Audi lunar quattro finds itself on a real spacecraft and on its way to the Moon for the PTScientists’s first mission, Mission to the Moon.


More about the history of the Audi lunar quattro and further information on the Audi Partnership with Twentieth Century Fox can be found on the website


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Notes for Editors:

  • The Audi Group with its brands Audi, Ducati and Lamborghini is one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the premium market. It is present in more than 100 markets worldwide, with production at 16 locations in 12 countries.
  • In 2016, the Audi Group sold some 1.868 million cars of the Audi brand as well as 3,457 sports cars from the Audi Group brand Lamborghini and 55,451 motorcycles of the brand Ducati to customers. In fiscal year 2016, AUDI AG generated an operating result of €3.1 billion with sales of € 59.3 billion.
  • Audi is focusing on sustainable products and technologies for the future of mobility.
  • PTScientists is a private space science and engineering company based in Berlin. (Website: Twitter: @PTScientists)
  • The Audi lunar quattro is a lightweight, four-wheel drive, solar-powered rover with active suspension to allow it to cope with the lunar surface.
  • ALINA – Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module is the spacecraft that will transport the team’s pair of rovers from Earth orbit to the Moon.
  • ALINA is designed to be used with a range of commercial launch vehicles, reducing the risk of launch delays due to issues with any single class of commercially available rocket. It is the first commercially available lunar transport vehicle.
  • Further information on ALINA and the Audi lunar quattro is available on request.
  • PTScientists CEO Robert Boehme and Head of Electronics Karsten Becker are available for interview. Contact: for interviews and image requests.
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