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Berliner Zeitfracht Group invests in German lunar mission

The Berlin-based Zeitfracht Group is investing in the first German lunar mission and has acquired the space start-up PTS. The company, formerly known under the name PTScientists, was renamed Planetary Transportation Systems as part of the acquisition. PTS is the only company in Europe with a lunar landing device in an advanced stage of development.


Wolfram Simon-Schröter, Managing Director of Zeitfracht Group: “The project is unique in the German research landscape. We will continue to pursue PTS’s ambitious plans and also intensify our cooperation with ESA and DLR in order to advance the first European moon landing. We trust the expertise of our highly motivated staff, who believe in the success of the mission – _as do we.”


With the takeover of PTS by Zeitfracht Group, both the German site of PTS and the jobs of the approximately 60 employees, including a large proportion of highly qualified engineers and scientists, will be retained. Research and development work of the first European lunar landing mission will also continue without delay.


Aerospace is an important pillar of the high-tech location Germany. In recent years, the German government has made aerospace a high priority. PTS has set itself the goal of reducing the cost of access to the moon. To this end, the company is developing reliable and affordable systems to bring experiments and payloads to the desired locations. The lunar module ALINA, already developed by PTS, and a lunar rover are expected to launch to the moon in just a few years. In its development work, the company cooperates with both industry and space organisations such as the European Space Agency ESA and the German Aerospace Center DLR.


About the ZEITFRACHT Group
Zeitfracht Group is an owner-managed family business in the third generation with more than 3,000 employees and headquarters in Berlin and Leipzig. The company operates primarily in the three business segments logistics, aviation and real estate.


About Planetary Transportation Systems
Planetary Transportation Systems (PTS) is a Berlin-based new-space company. The company develops spacecraft and lunar rovers for future lunar land emissions. PTS cooperates with a number of industrial partners and space organisations such as the German Aerospace Center DLR and the European Space Agency ESA. PTS currently employs around 60 people in Berlin and Houston (USA).

#Press Release 18.09.2019

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