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“Mazel tov!” – PTScientists wish SpaceIL every success in launching its lunar mission!


PTScientists wish their former competitors in the Google LunarX Prize good luck and success for the launch of their lunar lander “Beresheet”. The Israeli lander is due to launch piggyback tomorrow at 02:45 CET with other payloads aboard a Falcon 9 launch vehicle from SpaceX.


“We wish our colleagues at SpaceIL good luck and much success for the launch of ‘Beresheet’” said Robert Boehme, founder and CEO of PTScientists GmbH from Berlin. “The hopefully successful landing will prove that privately financed lunar missions are possible. SpaceIL thus opens the door for private missions to the Moon.”


On board the ‘Beresheet’ lander is a very special payload: a time capsule from the Arch Mission Foundation. This first instalment of the “Lunar Library” contains the English version of Wikipedia (approx. 7.5 million printed pages) as well as 25,000 books of the Gutenberg project – stored in a novel, extremely durable nanotechnology medium.


PTScientists are partner of the Arch Mission Foundation and have supported the production of this instalment of the Lunar Library.  On their first mission, they will also deliver a part of the “Lunar Library” to the Moon.


PTScientists are preparing their first lunar mission. It is expected to launch not earlier than the first quarter of 2020. The aim of the mission is to visit the landing site of the last astronautical mission to the Moon, Apollo 17, with two moon rovers.


Further information on the Arch Mission Foundation:



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