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More cargo, less carbon!

Berlin, the 26.10.2022


The future of logistics on the road today


Rooted in Rostock and Berlin, the space company PTS and Logistics experts of Zeitfracht charge ahead in rolling out the patent pending CLAM MK2 system to more freight containers each day.


Optimizing each route travelled, reducing carbon emission and increasing freight capacity

CLAM MK2 as part of the wall panel of an industry standard shipping container


Using a patend pending laser measurement system CLAM is assessing the the exact cargo load in real-time, allowing operators and intelligent algorithms to optimize routes as they are travelling. In addition the high-tech IoT solution offers precise GPS position, temperatur, humidity, shock and theft monitoring.


Easy installation as part of the normal container maintenance


CLAM MK2 is easily installed and maintained by the normal handling of shipping containers. The unit is completely integrated inside the exchange wall elements of a container. This ensure full protection against the rough and challenging environment of international logistics and as well provides solid reception and the posibility for the use of solar panels.


Real-time monitoring of cargo usage


Thanks to real-time monitoring of shipping loads, operators and machine learning  optimises the loading of single containers or complete routes. On average this provides a 30% increase in cargo capacity over a fleet of 1.000 containers, equalling 300 more shipping containers without buying a single new container.

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About Planetary Transportation Systems

As a close partner of the Zeitfracht Group, PTS offers cost-effective and reliable space technology. The company aims to develop in-space infrastructure and conduct its own space exploration missions. With its engineering team, PTS offers contract and development services in the space sector. Its customers include commercial clients as well as space agencies.


About the Zeitfracht Group

The Zeitfracht Group is a third-generation family business with more than 3,700 employees and headquarters in Berlin and Leipzig. The company is primarily active in logistics.


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