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German car-manufacturer Audi became PTScientists’ first key technology partner for our mission in 2015. Their pioneering spirit and strong support for Mission to the Moon helped us take our work to another level and grow from our humble beginnings to become the global innovator that we now are.


Audi’s objectives are to support Mission to the Moon in a variety of ways, from sharing knowledge and expertise in design, development and production, to helping us bring the story of Mission to the Moon to the widest possible audience. (Of course they’re also excited about being the first premium automotive brand on the Moon!)


Working with Audi engineers, PTScientists have been able to incorporate their powerful quattro and etron technology into our fourth-generation rover, the Audi lunar quattro. It’s not only Audi’s extensive experience designing vehicles that can manage the challenging terrains of Earth that has proved valuable to us in this partnership – use of Audi’s cutting-edge 3D printing facilities to manufacture parts for the Audi lunar quattro has enabled us to bring down the total mass of the vehicle to just 30 kg – without compromising on strength or size.


With a top speed of less 4 km/h, the Audi lunar quattro is the slowest Audi on the planet, but will be the fastest on the Moon! It has also passed the strict Audi quality assurance and testing regime to ensure it is ready for Mission to the Moon.


We are delighted to have Audi as a technology partner on Mission to the Moon, and have already benefited hugely from their enthusiasm, support, and innovative approaches.

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