Vodafone Germany

Key Technology Partner

Our newest technology partner is the telecommunications company Vodafone Germany.


With Vodafone we are attempting another “lunar first” – putting the first LTE base-station on the Moon. This will allow data collected by our rovers to be sent back to our ALINA lander without depleting their precious power reserves or requiring them to be stationary during data transfer. ALINA will then send this data down to Earth using its larger transmitter and power availability. When you are generating a data-rich high-quality video stream and HD-photos on the Moon, you need an efficient method of communication in order to be able to transfer data and still have enough power to keep your rovers on the move, we hope that LTE will provide the solution.


This is the first step towards developing a communications infrastructure for the Moon that any future explorers will be able to utilise, since it uses technology and components that have already been developed and tested on Earth. This is just one of the ways that PTScientists and our partners hope to bring down the costs of space exploration, and open it to a much wider range of participants.


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