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Hardware, software and payload services

Container Logistics Monitoring – CLAM

The CLAM Unit is a state of the art IoT logistics monitoring solution which provides in depth real-time informations, including the actual container utilisation in a mesh networked, always connected industry grade package

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Spacelab Rostock

With our PTS Rostock spacelab we are offering an affordable and readily available professional lunar test environment to academic institutions, the industry and space agencies. From science grade lunar dust simulants & lunar surface topography to gravity reduction - our lunar test environment is capable of creating a realistic environment that simulates the conditions of the moon's surface.

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Engineering Services

We are offering Engineering Services to interested Space Companies worldwide. Benefit from our core expertise in Avionics, Systems Engineering, ISRU & Infrastructure, and Communication in Space.

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Lunar Rover

Equipped with four-wheel drive, tiltable solar panels, rechargeable batteries and science-grade high-definition cameras, the rover will deploy and operate a series of technological payloads. We will use our time on the lunar surface to demonstrate our technology and explore new ways to optimise space exploration.

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ALINA is our first private spacecraft, built to transport our two rovers to the Moon and land them safely on the lunar surface. ALINA is capable of travelling the 380,000 km distance from Earth to the Moon and can deliver up to 100 kg to the surface of the Moon.

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