Moon Rover

Meet the Audi lunar quattro

Audi lunar quattro


Equipped with a four-wheel electrical drive chain, tilt-able solar panels, rechargeable batteries and science-grade high definition cameras, the PTS exploration rover are able to deploy and operate a series of scientific and technological payloads on the Moon.



Featuring active suspension and four-wheel drive, this lightweight, sturdy vehicle has been designed to withstand the harsh environment of space and navigate the lunar surface. It has a mass of just 30 kg, with capacity to carry 5 kg of additional payload. The low mass has been achieved using state-of-the-art metal 3D printing techniques.



The PTS exploration rovers will be controlled from Earth using a joystick in real-time. 3D-depth information from the stereoscopic cameras will be used to assist the rover operators. It can also communicate with our lunar lander (ALINA) using LTE mobile data communications.


We are currently at the fourth generation rover architecture, with ten years of design and development work, from PTS and with support by the German Space Agency – DLR.


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