Payload Delivery

The most economical way to send payload to the Moon

Payload Delivery


Access to space is no longer restricted to national space agencies, and we want to make this true for the lunar environment, not just Earth orbit.


Our ALINA spacecraft will carry two Audi lunar quattro rovers to the Moon, and we have additional payload capability allowing us to offer an incredible opportunity to transport your payload to the lunar surface.


If you have a payload that you would like to deliver to the lunar surface, or lunar orbit, we can help. We still have some available payload capacity for Mission to the Moon and we would be happy to work with you to support your aims.


Contact our sales team on to find out more about opportunities to send your payload to the Moon or lunar orbit. We welcome enquiries from all entities – government, industry, academia or private individuals.



What can you send?

What you choose to send is up to you! We can take objects of personal, commercial, educational, scientific, or technological value. This is a unique opportunity for individuals, organisations or companies to buy payload space on our Mission to the Moon.


We are open to all customers and we will work closely with you to accommodate your requirements. We can supply power and communications connectivity for payloads that require it.



How much does it cost?

We sell payload capacity by mass and offer significant cost savings if you choose to buy more than 1 kg of payload space. For our first mission we are offering a discounted baseline price since this will be the first in-space demonstration of our technology.




The best option for business

When you buy payload from us, you do not sign away your rights to any data collected, as is the case with some nationally-funded/operated space missions. We respect your right to use our service for commercial and industrial purposes and understand the importance and value of ownership of the data you collect.


Contact our sales team at to find out  how to book your payload space on Mission to the Moon.

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