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PTS ready to take-off again – Management team takes on company following successful restructuring

Berlin, the 17.01.2020


The Planetary Transportation Systems (PTS) management team takes on the company as part of a management buyout from the Zeitfracht Group following the successful restructuring.


The Zeitfracht Group invested into PTS in 2019, enabling the company to overcome the insolvency and putting it on track for a successful restructuring. PTS is a new-space company working on lowering the entry barrier for space exploration by enabling new and novel solutions von in-space logistics and infrastructure. The engineers and scientists of PTS are developing services and solutions on-contract for space agencies, the Industry and educational institutions.


With the new shareholder structure, PTS GmbH is now once again fully owned by the active PTS Management team. The financial officer André Radloff and technical officer Jesse Eyer will take on the role of the Chief Executive Officers of PTS. The team worked closely with Zeitfracht to put the company back on track towards success.


Robert Boehme, Founder of PTS: “We are very grateful that Zeitfracht put our company on a track for success again. Learning from the experience of Zeitfracht proved to be immensely valuable for us. We are certain that in this new constellation PTS will proof again to be a reliable provider on the market.”


Dr. Wolfram Simon-Schroeter, CEO of Zeitfracht: „PTS has an extremely competent and highly motivated management team which, following a stabilisation and restructuring phase, is now looking to assume economic responsibility for the company itself. We welcome when people want to take on more responsibility. This is why the Zeitfracht Group has been open to this idea from the very beginning. PTS will remain closely associated with our company, and I wish the PTS management all the best for the future.“


About Planetary Transportation Systems

PTS offers cost-effective and reliable moon logistics. The company’s goal is to develop commercial lunar infrastructure and make it available on the moon for future missions. With its team of engineers, PTS offers contract and development services in the aerospace sector, among other things. Its customers include not only commercial clients but also space agencies such as the European Space Agency, ESA.


About the Zeitfracht Group

The Zeitfracht Group is an owner-managed family business in its third generation with more than 3,000 employees and headquarters in Berlin and Leipzig. The company is primarily active in the three business segments logistics, aviation and real estate.


Download the press release here: PTS Management buyout press release

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