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Live – PTScientists and Ariane Group

PTScientists and ArianeGroup sign Memorandum of Understanding for future Moon missions.

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16:00 Welcome

Robert Boehme, PTScientists

Pierre Godart, ArianeGroup Germany


16:10 Statements

Thomas Jarzombek, MdB


16:20 Signing of Memorandum of Understanding


16:25 Sparking a lunar economy

Mari Eldholm, PTScientists


16:30   ESA’s perspective on commercial partnerships and ISRU

David Parker, ESA


16:35 Expert Panel on ISRU and future Lunar missions

Joost Van Tooren, ArianeGroup

Jürgen Brandner, PTScientists


16:45 Q&A


17:00 End


#Blog 08.05.2019

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