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Space Café No.1 – Success!

Last Tuesday we premiered our very first Space Café Berlin. Roughly 200 space enthusiastic attendees were there to start this series of events with us.


After welcoming the guests, our SpaceWatch.Global moderator Torsten Kriening started the short talks about the upcoming Moon and other space-related projects. After his introductory word, Torsten raised the question, what Europe is doing for its own space exosystem and market – and if there will be a predominant European presence on the Moon in the next decade opposed to just taking part in otherwise international programs.

The speakers: Andreas Hoerkens from ArianeGroup, Prof. Ralf Jaumann from DLR, and Mari Eldholm from PTScientists gave insight into possible future scenarios on space exploration and explained the needed actions for that.


Prof. Jaumann opened the event as our first speaker, starting with the topic “Exploring the Moon”. Subtopics included planetary processes documented on the Moon, volcanic evolution, internal structure, and environmental conditions.

He was followed by Andreas Hoerkens, who mainly focused on shaping the future access to space by explaining the various sectors that could benefit from space exploration. Mentioned were environmental protection monitoring climate change, traffic and navigation as well as regional development and more – with the aim to show that space is part of our modern critical infrastructure as well as an economic asset.

Lastly, Mari Eldholm, who is responsible for the governmental affairs at PTScientists, gave insight on what can and what cannot be done on the Moon. Mari mainly referred to UN treaties and national space law in her talk.


Quickly catching the attention of the audience, the event went to the second phase of an open Q&A. Many people asked interesting questions, revolving around space resources and the value of space technology spin-offs which were answered and further discussed by our speakers.


The panel ended after 2 hours of exciting exchanges of ideas and knowledge and was followed by some time to network and connect within the community as well as with the speakers.

The Volkswagen Digital:Lab, which was the venue, helped us creating this unbend atmosphere by providing us not only with the room but also with many drinks and snacks throughout the whole event.


Andreas Hoerkens from ArianeGroup (left), Prof. Ralf Jaumann from DLR (middle), and Mari Eldholm from PTScientists (right) during the Q&A.


At this point, we want to thank our speakers for taking part in our Space Café and everybody who came and made this event a success.


Details on the 2nd edition of Space Café will follow…



#PTS Update 21.05.2019

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