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Viva Las re:Mars

From Tuesday the 4th until Friday the 7th of June, Amazon hosted the re:Mars conference, their new AI event in the Aria Resort, Las Vegas.



“Mars” which this time does not stand for the well-known red planet but for Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space. And with space and robotics in mind, PTScientists were invited by our friends at Amazon Web Services to take part as well.

At our booth in the showcase room, we demonstrated how the use of the Amazon Web Services Greengrass technology can help with overcoming the dangerous and challenging situations for mission operators caused by the signal latency between the Earth and the Moon.



With a signal travel delay of about 3 to 6 secs, various problems can occur while controlling a rover from the ground. As for example driving up a hill that all suddenly turns out to be too steep for our four-wheeled pioneers and remote-workers. At such times when the team on the ground will at first only see a lower tilt angle since it’s receiving the telemetry with a delay. Our landing module ALINA, connected to the rovers via our cellular link, gets all this data in real-time. Equipped with Amazon Web Services Greengrass, ALINA analyses the data and can take immediate action, on the ground before an operator here on earth notices that something went wrong. This sudden stop-command is meant to keep the rovers from any impairment. With this small demonstration, we showcased the strong advantage of handling data processing and control in space and on the Moon. Eliminating the delay in between action and reaction of ground-based operators is the first step towards full autonomous Earth-independent operations in Space.



„Amazon Web Services is already the leading infrastructure provider for our connected world today and we are very excited to push their tools and technologies to new markets and limits. This is what private space truly is about, enabling new, cost-efficient solutions for space based on the reliable infrastructure fuelling today’s industry.” – Robert Boehme, CEO & Founder PTScientists


Besides demonstrating our showcase and talking to space experts and avid space fans from different sectors, we also had the time to attend the interesting sessions and keynotes during the event. With a variety of speakers which reached from Robert Downey Jr. to Jeff Bezos, the talks were very inspiring. We really enjoyed the event, the space sessions and would like to send out a thank you to our new found friends at Amazon Web Services for their great support!



With many greetings from Berlin, the PTScientists.

#Blog 27.06.2019

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